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Its been a minute since I’ve updated my website. Been on the grind with a lot of things lately and finally got a chance to sit down and write some stuff. Got a lot of updating to do and things to post up. I want to introduce the team I’m a part of. FamilyBizEnt. LLC. First, we are ARTISTS not rappers. There is a difference (Im quoting the homie Banga B) We got many different styles within this group, plus all over. So let me introduce each person starting from the Left. Shakespear, Kwote One, Jilla (Big City), Banga B, Severe Garcia, Black, Deezy, Third, Kreative. We also have “Toon” and MDOTDASUPA. 

Bunch of lyrical artist who is about to shake things up in Chitown. Each artist has a story, and a gifted way of telling it. The beauty of this team is the comradery. We come together to help one another out when things need to be right. Family is definitely the right name for this label. If you don’t know by now the team you should get familiar.

For more info on the LABEL, BEATS, or ARTIST go to 


Also support the TEAM! If you love HipHop go DOWNLOAD Severe Garcia and Third Supreme “WAR ON GARBAGE” by clicking the picture! #TEAMFBE #CHITOWN #WARONGARBAGE




… I think Kanye just changed my fucking life…

Ye’ always changes lives

my life.




… I think Kanye just changed my fucking life…

Ye’ always changes lives

my life.

Throwback Thursday #TBT

Today’s #TBT I take it back to ‘93 with Souls of Mischief. This was a group of four that changed up the sound in Hiphop. They are a subgroup of Hieroglyphics. I used to bump this daily, because of the beat. Then I started listening to their lyrics. Sorry I was a victim of the beat before lyrics syndrome. Also make sure you checkout my version of the track! 83 ‘Til Infinity at the bottom of the page. I used Kidz in the Hall version of the beat to rock on! 

Here is the video to their song 93 ‘til Infinity…..Hiphop Forever!

I Had fun with the beat, One of my favorite beats!…Little something to hold you over till 1983 The album Drops! 




Lately I’ve been posting up a lot of workouts I’ve been doing. I’ve finally caught the gym bug again lol. For a while i fell off of it and I couldn’t stand it at all. Felt lousy, slow, tired, and it just felt like life was moving to fast for me and i couldn’t keep up.  But now I’m back on the train. And  It feels good!

I haven’t posted too much of weight routines, because many people post up their weight routines daily. I want to show different things, not saying people don’t at all. Don’t get it confused I do get it in with the weights! Also my music is coming along great! I feel the more I stay active the more “Kreative” juices flows through my brain lol. I’m with a label that about their business and they help out ALOT. Bunch of humble dudes formal. When this album finally drops i will be giving the world a piece of me in all angles. In the video below I’m doing some bag work. I had just finished up a Chest and Tricep workout. I went to the Bag for my cardio. My gloves are 18 ounces and I did 5 rounds 3minutes each. The song you hear is “Circulate” from my upcoming album 1983 The Album! To hear the full song click here —-> https://soundcloud.com/kreative83  LETS GET IT!! 

I used my iPhone to record and edit the video, it was done real quick so sorry about the clarity. I usually use my macbook, but didn’t have enough time. ENJOY



What up What up!!

Whats good everyone? Just giving a little update of whats been going on. Had a lot going on this weekend other than the music, so i haven’t been blogging all weekend. You all know it was Labor Day so it was family time.  I’ve been brushing up on my DJin skills, its coming along nicely. Soon my speakers coming in soon so i’ll be able to rock some parties soon on my own without wondering if they got speakers already. I use a Pionneer Dj WeGo controller. The programs I use is either Serato, or Virtual Dj.  Here go a little pic of my setup not much but its building.

I wear many hats tho, i try to stay busy. You never know what you might be good at. Music is a BIG part of my life tho. HipHop, Djin, was in all bands (Jazz, Concert, Marching). I used to play the trombone.  I also personal train. I just stay persistent in what i do and keep pushing. My album is coming soon! FamilyBizEnt. is my label, hope y’all enjoyed y’all holiday weekend! Peace!! ~Kreative

REVIEW : The Movies feat. J.Dorris

I had the honor of getting one of my songs reviewed by SALUTEmusic.com! They are a reputable HipHop source with all the latest news of the art. Please read my review and also take a listen to the song at the bottom of this post. (Click the banner to visit Salutemusic.com!)

Review: Kreative - The Movies

Lyrics - 8.1

Delivery - 7.3

Production - 8.5

Originality/Concept - 9


Dope track

Kreative dropped off a new joint called “The Movies”. On this song Kreative tells us what he sees while watching how we (Black People) are portrayed in movies, television and just in the entertainment world period. Kids and even misguided adults are very impressionable. So this is definitely a serious matter. Kreative takes us on a trip which seems like we’re walking thru a studio backlot, watching the actors being posed and formed how the director wants them to be (stereotypically) filmed. And also from an actors perspective, dealing with struggles and conflicts of what’s right and wrong, weighing it against fame and a paycheck. This song was done well, production is dope and Kreative rides the beat well. Kreative’s lyrics were on point too from the standpoint of using your words to create a visual and delivering a message. Overall this is definitely a solid track that would have been perfect on the Bamboozled sound track.

Your Rating: 4.9 ( 2 votes)

This was reviewed by Salutemusic.com. The banner style is created by Salutemusic.com.  

Throwback Thursday

In todays edition of #TBT I take it back to the golden age of HipHop with the God MC Rakim.

Make sure you checkout  Kreative’s version of “Know the Ledge” at the bottom!!! Kreative got the Juice!

Rakim is a pioneer in Hiphop, clever rhymes, crazy wordplay, this New York artist was a force to be reckoned with. His classic album was Paid in Full, i used to play that to death! To me Rakim was ahead of his time with the lyrics. With tracks like “Follow the Leader” and “Move the Crowd” ,to name a couple , influenced part of my obsession of HipHop. I remember going to the beauty supply store buying fake gold rope chains trying to be like rakim lol. There were many times my neck was green! HAHAHA 

The song I’m posting is his track “Know the Ledge”. This is a classic hiphop joint most noticeable in the movie Juice. Juice was a classic hiphop movie. The soundtrack was dope, shows how Djin was an art and skill, and Tupac played his role to the point i believed thats how he always acted in real life lol.

So here is the Throwback joint of the day “Know the Ledge”

Here is Kreative with “Kreative got the Juice” 

Peace!!! And thanks for checking my BLOG!!! Leave comments if you want! FamilyBizEnt is the Label!


Kreative Rope/Back Work!

Yo Yo! I switched up my normal chest day for back work! Couldn’t get my whole routine up didn’t have anybody holding the camera for me lol but I managed to get in some good shots! The songs you are hearing is “Circulate” by Kreative and “Never Give Up” by Severe Garcia and Third Supreme. FamilyBizEnt. is the LABEL! You can checkout the whole song “Circulate” on Soundcloud search @kreativesince83 Go download War on Garbage at FamilyBizEntbeats.com

Workout Time!!

Thank You for checking out my Blog/Video!

Just a little something of some of my Boxing drills in practice. Once I get a better handle of recording my workouts I’ll show more! LOL Keep checking my BLOG for more updates! 1983 The Album coming soon! The song you are hearing is “CIRCULATE” to hear the full song checkout my SOUNDCLOUD @kreativesince83 

My album cover is designed by www.jenuinelycreative.com 

My label produced the beat www.FamilyBizEntbeats.com We on the MOVE!!

VIDEO : Beautiful feat. Ajay Oso

This is a smooth HipHop track I did with a talented artist named Ajay Oso. We shot the video at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. It was the right setting for the song and it turned out “Beautiful” no pun intended! The video switches over to a song called “Reminisce” which was produced by my label FamilyBizEnt.  Share it! Comment!